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Exquisitely beautiful quill work.

Бумага, мастерство и чувство вкуса.... И глаз не отведешь от таких произведений....

Quilling art: flowers

quilling candle

033 crop-EDIT

Quilled paper portraits by Yulia Brodskaya

This quilled beetle is the BOMB! Natasha's work is awesome, right up there with Yulia's.

Quilled Frog on Leaf, Created by Natasha Molotkova of PaperGraphic


Шкатулочка | Страна Мастеров

Quilling - váza

3D Paper quilling vase by Christine Donehue - Paper Filigree

Russian Filigree Box  "Rose"

Russian Filigree Swan


Mẫu tranh quilling

So this dollhouse is done entirely by quilling—that is curling up tiny strips of paper into little rolled shapes and gluing them together.  I can’t say for sure the scale of this house, but based on curls I’m estimating quarter scale…  EDIT:  For some reason (probably me) this originally didn’t have a click through back to the source.  I found this a

Поделка, изделие, Квиллинг, : гжель Бумага . Фото 4 This is quilled...how awesome!

Tea Cup Saucer and Spoon - quilling


Qullied krishna! By Bhavana

Хомячок Challenge: Итоги квиллинг-задания № 11 - Пастельные тона

Картина панно рисунок 8 марта Квиллинг КАСАТИКИ Бумага Бумажные полосы фото 1

dandelion paper quilling artwork with matting by ThePrettiesStore


Peacock in paper quilling

The Art of Quilling

3-D paper fairy art.

Vibrant Quilled Paper Art

PAper art

Quilled Gilded Earrings Tutorial by all things paper, via Flickr

quilling a maple leaf

DIY peřový materiál Velikonoční vajíčko 2


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